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Since 1950



Since 1950

Local Products

Ferguson Apairies

Hensall, ON

Robinson Maple Products

Auburn, ON

Filsinger's Organic Foods

Ayton, ON

Wellesley  Apple Products

Wellesley, ON

The Cider Keg

Vittoria, ON

Cherry Lane

Vineland Station, ON

Kernal Peanuts

Vittoria, ON

Greaves Jams & Marmalades

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Full of Beans

Bornholm, ON

Maria's Noodles

Kitchener, ON


Staffa, ON

Warriner Family Farm

Trout Creek, ON

Jerry Rader's Homestyle Catering & Market

Zurich, ON

Rosebank Seeds

Staffa, ON

The Garlic Box

Hensall, ON

Rootham Gourmet Preserves

Guelph, ON

Mediterranean Garden Pasta Sauce

Toronto, ON

Stonetown Artisan Cheese

St. Mary's, ON

Quinta Quinoa

Ontario Quinoa

Covered Bridge Potato Chips

Hartland, NB

Booch Organic Kombucha

London, ON

Golden Acres Peach Company

Blenheim, ON

Bacon Acre Farm

Elginfield, ON

Georgian Bay Granola Company

Perry Sound, ON

Black Sombrero Chorizo Products

Denfield, ON

Martin's Family Fruit Farm

St. Jacob's, ON

Saffron and Sage Company

St. Marys, ON

Reeedz BBQ Rubs & Seasonings

Zurich, ON

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From Farm to Table


Cambridge, ON


Grainstorm Heritage Baking

Fordwich, ON

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